Tuesday, October 27, 2009

News, Reviews, and Food

The colder, wetter weather has settled in, and there was even a thunderstorm passing by last night, though occasionally, we actually get sunbreaks. The trees look fantastic, so lovely in their colors.

Still haven't gotten to Walla Walla (yes, the place so nice, they named it twice), to give that purple and white blanket to my grandmother. My mother insisted that I should bring it to her personally instead of just mailing it, but now the weather is looking more like winter, so I don't know what will happen with that.

I have a gallstone, pure and simple. After some strange symptoms, some pain, a ridiculously expensive trip the the ER, and a cold ultrasound, my handsome doctor has informed me that I have a large floating gallstone and it will eventually need some kind of treatment to get rid of it. I would like to knit a net to send into my gallbladder and hook that thing out!

Barbara is soon to have gastric bypass surgery, which she has been preparing for now, perhaps about a year, and in November she will have the surgery done and will be about a month recovering from it at my place. I expect that I will be too busy taking care of a whiny old woman to be able to sit down and knit or crochet very much (did that sound bitchy?), but I will still hopefully be able to finish some projects in time for Christmas.

Knitting, Crocheting - well, I still do them. I crocheted a hat for Jacob, and I knit a hat for Jonas, though I still need to sew up the seams. I will post pictures when they are done, because I think they are noteworthy.
Still a pair of socks to finish, and my mother's tablecloth, but perhaps another little present here and there, including a baby blanket for my cousin's new baby. Pictures will sometime be forthcoming, I guess.

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